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Boating At Flaming Gorge Reservoir In Wyoming

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By AA-Boats & Boating Staff Writers

Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Wyoming

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Flaming Gorge Reservoir, located on the border of Wyoming and Utah, is a magnificent and expansive lake renowned for its dramatic red cliffs and crystal-clear waters. Situated within Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, this reservoir draws outdoor enthusiasts from far and wide with its stunning landscapes and diverse recreational opportunities.

Nearby attractions in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area add to the allure of the reservoir. Visitors can explore the breathtaking Flaming Gorge Dam, a marvel of engineering that offers panoramic views of the surrounding canyons and reservoir.

Boating on Flaming Gorge Reservoir is a popular and rewarding experience, as the reservoir's vast size and scenic beauty provide the perfect setting for leisurely cruising and water-based activities. Boaters can bask in the tranquility of the deep blue waters and marvel at the towering cliffs that surround the lake.

The reservoir features several marinas, offering boaters essential amenities and services, including boat slips, fuel stations, and convenience stores, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable boating experience.

Water sports enthusiasts will find a haven at Flaming Gorge Reservoir, with opportunities for water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing, providing an exhilarating way to make the most of the reservoir's vast expanse.

Boat launch ramps are strategically placed around the lake, providing easy access for boaters to launch their vessels and embark on their adventures.

Nearby cities such as Green River and Manila offer convenient access to Flaming Gorge Reservoir, making it a sought-after destination for locals and visitors seeking a thrilling escape into the wilderness.

The boating season at Flaming Gorge Reservoir typically spans from late spring to early fall, offering plenty of time for boaters to explore and enjoy the lake's scenic wonders during the warmer months.

Fishing is a highlight of Flaming Gorge Reservoir, attracting anglers with its diverse fish populations, including trout, kokanee salmon, and smallmouth bass, offering a rewarding and unforgettable fishing experience.

Camping facilities are available throughout Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, providing visitors with the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the natural beauty and solitude of the area while enjoying a peaceful camping experience amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Wyoming and Utah.

Boating, camping and fishing.

One of the most spectacular boating lakes in the country Flaming Gorge Reservoir, aka Flaming Gorge, is a 42,000-acre lake on the southern border part of the state. The reservoir is surrounded by Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area with camping and marinas in both Wyoming and Utah. Access to the shoreline, for fishing from the bank, is available at numerous locations around the lake - the west side of the lake near the WY/UT border is a good place to start. Most of the 375 miles of shoreline are in Wyoming and the balance is in northern Utah. Excellent fishing and spectacular views await anglers and boaters for a trip of a lifetime. Home to trophy-size fish, record German Browns and lake trout have come from these fertile waters, which also have significant populations of bass, catfish, rainbow trout and kokanee salmon. Area fishing guides and boat charters are also available. In winter, once the ice is safe, there can be some excellent ice fishing on Lake Flaming Gorge.

Area Amenities

Marina: YES
Boat Rental: YES
Boat Launch Ramp: YES
Campgrounds: YES
RV Hookups: YES
Lodging: YES
Convenience Store: YES
Bait & Tackle: YES
Restaurant: YES


Firehole Canyon Campground - 877 444-6777

Stateline Cove Campground - 435 784-3445

Buckboard Crossing Campground - 877 444-6777

Flaming Gorge-Manila KOA Journey Campground - 435 784-3184

Lucurne Campground - 801 226-3564

Flaming Gorge Map


Fish species found in Flaming Gorge Reservoir include smallmouth bass, channel catfish, rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout and kokanee salmon.

Smallmouth bass Channel catfish Rainbow trout Brown trout Lake trout Kokanee salmon

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Local Contact Information

Buckboard Crossing Campground
FR010 Ashley National Forest,
McKinnon, WY 82938
877 444-6777

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