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Featured Boat Company: Crestliner Boats

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By AA-Boats & Boating Staff Writers

Fishing boats, sport boats, utility boats, pontoon boats and other watercraft.

Crestliner had humble beginnings in 1946 as Aluminum Boat Company. And though it has changed the company name a few times over the years, it still proudly carries the Crestliner name under the corporate ownership of the Brunswick Corporation. Crestliner offers fishing, sport and utility boats in lengths from 14' to 20'. Their line of pontoons are offered in lengths up to 27' 6" with all the comforts and luxury of home.

Crestliner Boat Builders

Crestliner boat company is one of the leading boat builders in the United States offering a complete line of fishing boats, family boats, sport boats and other watercraft for boating fun.

Crestliner Boats
609 13th Ave. NE
Little Falls, MN 56345
320 632-6686

Visit their website which beautifully displays the boat models offered and offers a tool to acquire quotes from local dealers by completing a form on the website. Crestliner boat builders offers sport, fishing, pontoon, utility and family boats.

Tournament fishing boat options include four models from 19' to 20'.

Raptor fishing boat options include four 18' models

Fish Hawk boat options include ten models from 16' to 18' in length.

Canadian boat options include eight models ranging in length from 14' to 18'.

Sport angler boat options include a 16' and a 17' model.

Kodiac boat options include two 16' models.

CS bass boat models include 17 and 19.

CS crappie boat is 17'.

Sport fish, fish and sport boat options include six models from 18' to 21' in length.

Super Hawk, fish and sport boat options include five models from 16' to 19'.

Backwater utility boat options include six models from 16' to 18'.

CXJ utility boat models include two 20' options.

C Jons utility boat options include three 20' models.

Sportsman utility boat options include six models from 14' to 18' in length.

XCR utility boat options include five models from 12' to 16' in length.

CR riveted jon boat options include over a dozen models from 10' to 18'.

Grand Caynam pontoon boat options include eleven models from 21' to 28'.

Batata Bay pontoon boat options include five models from 16' to 23' in length.

Sun Cast pontoon boat options include two 21' models.

You can get information about the professional anglers using Crestliner boats as well as purchase Crestliner clothing and gear from the website. You can also locate the nearest dealer by simply entering your zip code on the site.

Where ever you fish and what ever you like to fish for, it seems Crestliner may have just the right boat for you.

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